SYNERGY NUTRITION - PEAK PEFORMANCEEat right to help you get the most out of your workouts. Without adequate nutrition, the body is placed under a little stress which can affect performance & recovery.

  • Eat little & often to balance blood sugar levels
  • Consume protein & healthy fats like nuts, avocados and coconuts.
  • Plenty of vegetables
  • Wholegrain carbs (pasta, bread, rice)

A regular exerciser  needs approx 1.2g-1.4g of protein per kg total body mass per day, this is around 15-20% of total cals. For some sports  involving more strength and power, protein requirements may need to be higher up to 2g per kg of weight.

Chicken breast- 40g          A fillet of fish 25g         2 eggs-14g


Whey protein powders can help to fill in the gap that the diet falls short in. For vegans hemp protein is fine. It is high in protein in addition to omega 3 & 6 fats.

Any athlete or fitness enthusiast should be taking a good quality multivitmain preparation. B-vits, zinc , mg, calcium and antioxidant nutrients.

Sometimes extra supplemnts need to taken on top as they don’t contain sufficient amounts of certain key nutrients. An example is Magnesium or vitamin D. Both of which many individuals are low in. There are many supplements out there and it can be mind boggle when selecting one. Some products can label they contain certain nutrients, however if one looks closer at the label they contain minute amounts in forms that the body does not readily absorb. Speak to a trained nutritionist like Synergy Nutrition that can guide you towards the right supplements for you and your needs.

Synergy’s Nutrition Core Supplement Program

A good quality Multi

An Omega 3 supplement- joint aches, pains, endurance, cognition

Magnesium for lactic acid, muscle cramps, stress, bone health, heart health

Glutamine powders- for quick muscle repair

For all males- a zinc supplement or ZMA supplement

Whey or hemp protein powder

Extra BCCA’s