In my eleven years experience of training as a nutritional therapist and working in clinical practice I have seen many men, women and children and having improved their health complaints significantly quicker whilst taking supplements, i.e nutraceuticals so antioxidant vitamins, minerals or herbs. Many do makes changes to their diet which is key for good health. However in the interim boosting the body with remedies will help. It is impossible to get all the nutrients you need from your diet, unless your diet is 100% perfect and you optimum digestion. I yet to meet someone whose is! You may be thinking, hmm which ones do I choose, aren’t they all synthetic. Yes, I hear you. There are numerous vitamins and minerals on the market today that are synthetic. That is why it is good to speak to a nutritionist about whole food supplements that are in their natural states and better absorbed and free from synthetic excipients such as binders and fillers. And the better quality supplements are not expensive, if not the same price or a few pounds that actually your body utilises. Also they are not all tablet forms you can take capsules, chewables, sprays and liquids.

So the answer to the simple question, is Yes do take supplements and have an assessment with a qualified nutritional therapist to first assess your diet and health symptoms and then can give you personalised advice as to what you may need.

 Reasons to Supplement?

  • The soils, especially in the UK are depleted due to industrial farming methods and leeching of minerals. Hence why our food is also lower in vitamin C, selenium, zinc and other trace minerals. 60 years ago before the introduction of fertilisers and pesticides, food was more organic and natural then it is today. It was grown and eaten locally and seasonally. Not flown over from the other side of the world and ripened on the way!
  • Are you really having a healthy diet? Think about it.. how many vegetables do you consume in your diet? Count them? How much fruit do you eat?
  • Where are you getting the antioxidants that prevent and delay diseases from? What are you eating?
  • How fresh fresh is your food? Is it stored, processed, and then how is it cooked? How much nutrients have you lost my heating it up?
  • What is the state of your hair, skin, nails like? Are they healthy, is your hair thinning? It’s probable that your body needs the nutrients first which means hair, skin and nails wait to grow as they are not getting the nutrients they need. 
  • What is your digestion like? If you experience any bowel issues and gut imbalances then you’re unlikely to be absorbing nutrients from you the foods you eat. So you chew your food or wolf it down?
  • How much stress do you have in your life? If you have stress daily then this will zap your nutrients too
  • Caffeine: teas, coffee, alcohol, smoking all deplete nutrients
  • Medication- oh yes. The GP’s and pharma industry don’t tell you this. But drugs can deplete: vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and Co-Q10 levels.

So the above is certainly food for thought. Many people take more care of their cars than their actual bodies. Hence why  I stress the importance of eating a nutritious and supplements to bridge the gap of what may be missing in the diet to keep the body and mind as strong and healthy as it can be.

Book in with me for the New Year! Your body will thank you for it.