Moringa, sometimes described as the “miracle tree,” “drumstick tree,” or “horseradish tree,” has small, rounded leaves that are have a rich nutritional profile: protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. In the short space of time I have been taking Moringa powder I have noticed higher energy levels and genuinely not feeling hungry for food. Furthermore my sports peformance, radiance, sleep, digestion and immune system are excellent. This just goes to show if a healthy individual notices tremendous results and differences, then what wonders and healing can be attained for someone with health imbalances. The spirunlina powder I was using prior  for an added nutrient boost has now been substituted for moringa and I haven’t looked back! That says something!

The best Moringa on the market is from Ankh -Rah. It contains 46 antioxidants, 20 amino acids, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds and a large number of essential omega oils. Gram per gram of Moringa leaves contain:SYNERGY NUTRITION

  • 9 X the protein of yogurt
  • 10 X the vitamin A of carrots
  • 15 X the potassium of bananas
  • 17 X the calcium of milk
  • 12 X the vitamin C of orange

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Moringa has a green, earthy taste – similar to spinach or matcha green tea. It is safe with no evident side effects. It’s great for people of all ages, especially elders who are losing their alertness. and also gentle enough to be given to babies and children to overcome malnourishment. It’s one of the most secret performance enhancing products taken by athletes so they can be at their best physically and mentally. If you are into sports and fitness then I would highly recommend taking this.


  • Lowers blood sugar levels and better balances appetite
  • Weight loss, fat loss
  • Rich in antioxidants – anti-ageing- look younger longer
  • Reduces inflammation in the body- quicker recovery and healing
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Energises the body- rich in iron, and folate, oxides the cells with real energy
  • Boosts immune system- say goodbye to allergy symptoms, colds and flus
  • Boosts vision- lovely anti-oxidants
  • Digestive system functions better- feel lighter within, detoxifies and eliminates wastes quickly out of the body
  • Contains both magnesium and calcium- strong bones, teeth and muscle growth


Mix 1 teaspoons (or half a teaspoon if you’re just starting out) into any dish or drink that could benefit from a sprinkling of spinachy greens. The easiest way to think of it as a superfood seasoning – so just use it as you would any other green herb or seasoning. I add 1 tsp to my smoothies and have it as a tea with a 1/2 teaspoon of honey for sweetness. You can also have mix it into a glass of coconut water. Although capsules versions are also available I think powder is absorbed quicker and you will notice the benefits instantly. Take it earlier in the day, before 5pm for better energy or else it may keep you awake at night!


After you start taking Moringa, your body will adapt to it slowly. You will start to feel more energetic throughout the day. For most people, it takes about 1-2 weeks of consistent consumption to feel the difference. This depends on the current state of your body. If you are an overall healthy person, you will feel the amazing effects after 2 or 3 weeks of taking Moringa. But if you take a break, you may not experience the effects immediately.