As many of you know I am a holistic therapist and believe all aspects of our being and health should be in balance. This includes mental wellbeing. Which over the last decade has been given so much exposure and the taboo over many conditions being lifted as we are seeing a rise in mental health conditions from stress, depression, anxiety and psychiatric disorders. I’m a big fan of talking therapies such as counselling and have been in collaborating with  a terrific organisation called who provide a database of thousands of qualified counsellors and psychologists. In addition to plenty of free resources and articles on their website from stress relief, online quizzes, emotional exhaustion and psychosomatic pain. Click on the link below which will take you to their advice section.

From a nutritional health perspective any type of stress can play havoc on your mood, digestion, hormones, skin, hair and sleep. So I would recommend also ensuring that you ensure you are getting sufficient vitamins and minerals in your diet to boost your levels that become depleted by your body to help counteract the stress. Many of us are stressed, we don’t realise it until something goes wrong with our health.