Each type of fat has different functions:

  • White adipose tissue (white fat) cushions your organs, provides heat insulation and produces energy.
  • Brown adipose tissue (brown fat) regulates body temperature and plays a role in diet-induced thermogenesis, which essentially means that brown fat is involved in helping to burn calories.

A study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, analyzed 1,972 patients and over 3,640 consecutive F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET and CT scans to confirm and learn more about brown fat. In the study, researchers found that “’…there appears to be more, or at least more active, brown fat in lean, young individuals than older, obese individuals; this suggests that having more brown fat may protect against obesity. 

Many studies are in agreement. Also my own observations on weight loss and the environment also are congruent with this. When you feel cold and the weather is cold outside, before switching the heating on reconsider.  Allow your body to feel a bit cool, put on an extra jumper or socks, perhaps have a hot shower and burn a candle in your room. You will instantly feel warm and yes your body will thank you for it. You can still have the heating on a few times a day when its colder. But not the whole day! Your body has its own internal thermostat and the thyroid gland plays an important role in this. Your metabolism will be revved up. Hence why in colder climates we feel hungrier!

The key to activating your brown fat is a healthy thyroid and adrenals

A Low thyroid and adrenal fatigue can inhibit brown fat activity – If your thyroid is healthy, it will create heat and activate your brown fat. But if you have an under active thyroid, your brown fat activity may be lowered. The adrenals no longer secrete enough of the hormone noradrenaline, which activates brown fat. If you ever wondered why low thyroid makes you feel cold, this is why!

What you can do: You can nourish your thyroid and adrenals by following a healthy diet, including plenty of minerals. Unfortunately, even the best organic vegetables don’t have the mineral punch they used to. So while eating healthy is key, adding supplements can boost up your thyroid and adrenal health and have them functioning at their best. This is will raise your metabolism, energy levels, immunity and mood.