Gift Voucher for Xmas

Season’s Greetings from Synergy Nutrition Ensure you and your loved ones stay healthy. What a perfect present for Christmas. A one to one consultation with London’s top nutritionist who will analyse the diet in...

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Lifespan of your body’s cells

It’s just an estimate from scientists. Many of these ages have been established using a technique called bomb-pulse dating, which uses traces of atomic radiation we all carry to determine how old cells are. Cells are...

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To Supplement?

In my eleven years experience of training as a nutritional therapist and working in clinical practice I have seen many men, women and children and having improved their health complaints significantly quicker whilst taking...

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Brown fat: The fat that keeps you lean :-)

Each type of fat has different functions: White adipose tissue (white fat) cushions your organs, provides heat insulation and produces energy. Brown adipose tissue (brown fat) regulates body temperature and plays a role in...

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Veg out this Autumn

Don’t forget your vegetables this Autumn. Even with the weather turning colder you can still enjoy roasted and steamed vegetables, soups, stews and salads. Veg out and feed your body with the vitamins & minerals,...

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Feel mag-amazing with a magnesium bath soak

How wonderful is water? We can drink it, bathe and soak in it, swim in it and feel refreshed, clean and rejuvenated inside, out. Water is also a wonderful carrier- transporter of minerals. I’m a personal fan of mineral...

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Water Sports to Help Reach Peak Fitness

Achieving peak fitness is possible, but it requires a massive commitment to a lifestyle that must include the right diet, adequate sleep, and lots of physical activity. Now, as far as physical activity goes, your options are...

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Himalayan Salt Lamps- buy yours today

? How do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work? Water vapour is always circulating in the air of any room of your home. This water vapour carries along with it allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, and even bacteria and...

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